Helping you get a fresh start.

What We Do

We invest in real estate, but we are NOT real estate agents. We flip houses.

We buy “For sale by owner” homes.

We help solve problems.

We pay cash & close fast.

How It Works

Step One

You invite me over to look at your property.

Step Two

I do my homework, pulling comps and estimating any repairs we need to do.

Step Three

I make you an offer on your home.

Step Four

With your acceptance of my offer, closing can happen in as little as 2 week.

Step Five

Cash your check and move-on to your fresh start!

About Us

Purpose & Home Partners emerged from a passion for real estate and a deep commitment to our community. Our vision was to establish a company that transcends traditional real estate investing, placing a strong emphasis on serving and supporting our community members in times of need.

Recognizing that life sometimes presents challenges without easy solutions, we aspire to be a guiding light for individuals facing difficult circumstances. Whether someone is seeking a way out of a tough situation or simply needs assistance, we are honored to step in. Our mission is to assist our neighbors during challenging times related to their homes, whether it involves purchasing their property to provide them with the financial means for a fresh start, or guiding them through the complexities of foreclosure and the necessary steps to retain their home.

We are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of our community. Beyond real estate transactions, we offer our expertise to help answer questions and provide support. At Purpose & Home Partners, we are more than a business; we are a compassionate resource for those navigating the challenges associated with homeownership.

Why You May Need Us

Fast Move

New job, military enlistment, life, and plans change. We coach homeowners through quick and stressful moves whether they were planned or not.


A foreclosure is never the plan when buying a home, but life happens. We educate homeowners on other alternatives when they face foreclosure.

We Buy Fixer Uppers

Have a fixer-upper? We buy homes that are fixer-uppers from homeowners and complete all the repairs so the homeowners don’t have to.

Living Simpler

Want to downsize? Nothing about moving is simple. We help many clients that are getting older and are looking for simpler and smaller. We can help.

Inheritance Property

We buy inherited properties from family members that don’t need or want them. We walk them through the process every step of the way.


We buy homes from landlords that are tired of having renters, retiring or want to move on to something different. You Can Stop Renting.